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Free toddler group, TIDDLEY WINKS

A totally FREE toddler group for expectant mums and parents with toddlers under school age is now open every Thursday 11am-1pm at The Dojo, Avd de las Naciones, Quesada. Everyone is welcome to join this happy get together to share experiences and advise. Come and join in for free.


Hi there! Is this toddler group still on? Thanks

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Here at A Quesada Life would like to know what it is we can provide you with that would make your daily visit to our forum even better.

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Thanks for he sugestion Kellie. I am in La Marina so it's not really convenient traveling hat locatio, thanks again.

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What would you like to see!?

Hey everyone!
I would love to know what posts and info you would all like to see more of here?


Where to eat?

Wheres your favourite places to eat here in Quesada? Tell me your top 3!


Missing London

For all you British out there missing a bit of home check out this YouTube video.

Great Video!

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Calendar of Christmas Events: In Spain

Calendar of Christmas Events:

December 8th – This is the public holiday of Immaculada (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) which marks the beginning of the religious Christmas celebrations. Most notable in Seville.

21st December – In a few cities including Granada the celebration of Hogueras (bonfires) takes place. This date marks the winter solstice (shortest day) and where it is celebrated involves people jumping through fires to protect themselves against illness.

22nd December – All over Spain people never stray far from a TV or radio as the Christmas lottery is drawn over a period of many hours. Everybody in Spain buys tickets for this lottery in the hope of winning El Gordo (the fat one) and the winning number usually means that a good number of people from the same village become a lot better off overnight. Besides the big three prizes there are thousands of smaller prizes shared by people all over Spain.

24th December – Christmas Eve is called Nochebuena in Spanish (Goodnight) and it is the most important family gathering of the year. In the evening people often meet early for a few drinks with friends then return home to enjoy a meal with the family. Most bars and restaurants close in the evening. Prawn starters followed by roast lamb would be a typical meal rounded off with a typically Christmas sweet called turrón which is a nougat made of toasted sweet almonds. Another typical festive sweet is called Polvorones which is made from almonds, flour and sugar. Cava, Catalan champagne, would be the chosen drink for the Christmas toast though plenty fine Spanish wines will also be consumed with the meal.

25th December – Children may receive a small gift on Nochebuena or this morning but the day for presents is 6th January, Epiphany, when the Three Kings bring gifts for the children. Christmas Day is a national holiday in Spain so shops are closed yet it is not a day of great celebration but rather a calm day when people go out for a walk, drop into a bar, etc. Another large family meal at lunchtime is common though it’s b


Hi Everybody.

We are new to this forum and not sure what the rules are! But we find that Christmas time in Spain can be very lonely and wishing that we were back home with all the family around us. But sitting outside in the sunshine in just shorts writing to you, well nothing can really beat that.
Would be so nice to speak to ex pats on this site and just talk about the joys and woes of living in Spain. God Bless.
John and Katy Maid

Commented twizzlemaid in La Rioja 2016-10-11 11:31:27 UTC

What are the national dishes of Spain?

Since each of Spain’s regions has its own regional specialties, it is difficult to say that there is a national dish of Spain. Historically Spain was divided into small kingdoms; each one with its own language, culture and cuisine. Even today, Spain remains divided into 17 Autonomous Communities, each one with its own unique cuisine. However, there are a few dishes that have gained popularity all over Spain and some internationally:

Tortilla Española – Spanish Omelet, made of eggs, potatoes and onions.

Gazpacho – Andalusian Cold Tomato Soup. This refreshing dish originated in the region of Andalucia, but is served everywhere during the hot summer months.
Paella de Marisco – Spanish Seafood Rice. Paella Valenciana originated in the fields of Valencia, where country folk mixed rice with rabbit, snails and vegetables and cooked it over an open fire. It has evolved into Spain’s most well-known dish, where fish, shellfish, meat, pork and/or chicken may be used.
Jamon Serrano – Spanish Ham. Several regions are known for the ham they produce, but it is eaten all over the Peninsula.
Chorizo Sausage – Spanish Pork Sausage. A wide variety of chorizo sausage is eaten in every corner of Spain on a regular basis.


Hi. Always nice to know what the locals eat and thanks for information.

Commented niamcult in Quesada 2016-10-11 11:09:36 UTC

Thousands still without power, cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew

Thousands of Floridians are still without power more three days after Hurricane Matthew skirted up the east coast with 100 mph winds and torrential rain.

Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light were reporting more than 75,000 customers without power across the state this morning. More than half of those were just in Volusia County — the hardest hit area in Central Florida.

Downed trees and power lines, along with localized flooding were a common sight throughout Central Florida. Communities closer to the coast also saw roof and building damage, along with severe beach erosion.

Volusia and Brevard county schools remain closed today as crews work to restore power and repair any damage. Volusia County has also canceled classes for Tuesday. Brevard officials said they decide later today about reopening on Tuesday.

Officials had hoped to restore most, if not all power to Volusia County residents by Sunday, but as of this morning more than 41,000 customers were still in the dark. The beaches there remain closed because of strong rip currents and possible debris in the water.
Crews also need to repair several access ramps and replace signs and lifeguard towers before reopening to vehicle traffic. Officials plan to reopen the beaches in sections, starting with the high-usage areas.

Most major roads in Volusia were cleared of debris by Saturday and power had started to return to the larger intersections along International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona Beach by that evening.

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