Hi can anyone tell me if there has been any progress with the units under Qs club(bowling green) next to the quesada country club, it was a beauty salon for a short while and there seems to be some work going on there, we are hoping for a small supermarket but actually have no idea what its going to be ?


Quesada Wellbeing that was there is now in las Naciones 74, still with Toning Tables and holistic therapies as well as now offering business and personal mentoring especially for weight loss.
The units are empty and general info does not say any thing will be changing

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Is it bowling they´re playing outside the QCC? Or is it called something else?
Fascinating to see the engagement - and tempting to try! :)

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This is a very popular sport in the U.K we play it outdoors on grass and indoors on the same surface
as we have in Quesada, (to hot for grass in Spain). The idea of the game is simple, you have a smaller black ball that is at one end of the pitch, called the green, and you stand at the other and have 4 larger balls, you compeate with someone to try to get your balls as close to the small black one as possible, for every ball you get nearest to the black one you get a point. The first to 21 points wins. Its not as simple as it sounds as the balls you use have a weight in one side so does not go in a straight line.
Hope that explains Bowls

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Think its been taken over now

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