We feel that people should be aware of a 'scam' that's been doing the rounds in Quesada. A young man arrived at our house offering to service our gas appliances. He pointed out that this was a legal requirement and, in our case, began to replace the rubber tubing on a calor gas heater. He then asked for a glass of water and we suspect deliberately damaged the regulator valve in our absence. When we paid he pretended that we hadn't given him a fifty euro note. Although he failed to convince us of this, the whole episode still cost us 118 euros. A brand new heater from Carrefour costs 113 euros! To make things worse he did not fix the temperamental ignition - we have had to throw the heater away! The man is most convincing arriving in uniform, with documents, identification and knowledge of the contract with Repsol. There is a legal requirement to have appliances serviced every five years. He pointed out this clause in the contract claiming that we had no choice in the matter. Basically a rule of thumb is not to part with any cash when anyone calls at your house. If gas appliances do need servicing go to the Repsol Centre in Almoradi. Reputable companies do not come calling door to door - they always make appointments.

Peter and Ana


Hi Peteana
This happened to us last year on Quesada however I was suspicious from the moment they arrived at my property as we already have an annual service contract with our gas suppliers and this includes the rubber rings on the gas tanks.

Being a law abiding citizen in another mans country I am very respectful of the law and always make sure I have everything in place (legals) so I was pretty sure id done nothing wrong.

I was also told by retsagas this was a legal requirement so I asked the fitter if so had they been sent by the local ayunemiento ? They danced around my question and said they did on occasion work with the ayunemiento however they would not give me a straight answer but they did say I would be in legal trouble if I did not allow them to proceed and I would be fined.

So I asked them for ID which they gave me in the form of their business advertising card only and I asked them to wait while I telephoned my solicitor for advice and would they please speak to my solicitor explaining that I was in breach of the law if I didnt allow them to proceed.

I didnt see them for dust, they stormed out of my gates muttering expletives and gesturing wildly as they flung their equipment into their van.

I would say to everybody out their go with your gut feeling as their have been a few times when people/companies have tried to scam us and I always ask them to speak to my solicitor on the telephone to explain their intention.

If they are genuine they will have no problem with this if not theyll "do one" and quickly.

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...and beware of men who call, say that they live nearby and that thieves have broken into their home - and they need 20e plus to pay a locksmith! There seem to be more and more scams going on!

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