Where are all the people

Its been a long time since I was last on this forum, where have all the people in Quesada gone?


Hi Paula
The website has been off line for a little bit as I think its now under new ownership but I am sure a lot of people will start using it again as it must still the leading information website for the area.
I still use it a lot but it would be good to get some more services and events listed, maybe the new owners will be readying this and can do something about it.

Commented Team ASL in La Marina 2016-05-17 12:43:32 UTC


Well I am still here, not sure what's happened to the rest of the population of Quesada. Still playing golf badly but still enjoying life to the full, in this great place.

Commented John the Golfer in Quesada 2016-05-17 12:52:08 UTC