New Lo Marabu Gallery and Arts Centre

It's still work in progress, but the proprietor of Lo Marabu Restaurant on the Lemon Tree Road, Quesada, is planning to use the large space upstairs as an arts centre. I already hold art classes on Wednesday mornings, but there are options for many other classes and activities. For example, card making, language classes, yoga, rehearsals etc. A very small charge would be made for the room, but it is hoped that participants will buy coffees or drinks in the bar! The room is also perfect for private parties, club or community meetings, or other gatherings. I can personally vouch for the quality of buffet provided, having held a party there a few months ago.

The art gallery is to be managed by me, simply to take the pressure off the owners, and a limited number of artworks will be accepted for sale, with 10 per cent of any proceeds going to the proprietors.

There will be an art competition, details to be released soon, in aid of the Elche orphanage.

Please call Dave Blinston on 966 716 012 to discuss possibilities for using the room.

Suzanne Stokes