Is it true that house prices in Quesada are lower than any where else in Spain. only I got told that Quesada are 30% lower when I asked about a valuation.


was the valuation on your own property?

Im not aware of this 30 per cent lower on quesada.

I am aware that the prices are mixed dpending upon the sellers circumstances but having said that you only have to look in the agent windows to see that many of the sold properties have reached goog prices

I suspect the agent may have a questionable reason for telling you this, I would be intere4sted to learn if anyone can throw any light on this please

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Hi Patricia
do you think the agent might have meant prices on quesada are 30 percent lower than in previous years not 30 percent lower than the rest of spain ? just a thought.

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We are Sapphire Properties in Ciudad Quesada next to Mulberry's & it's not true that Quesada is lower than anywhere else, There are superb bargain properties in Quesada that's true but everywhere else as well, all depends on the seller's circumstances. Certainly when a mortgage valuation is done by the bank for any of our clients there haven't been markedly lower valuations in Quesada than other areas.

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