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FREE Business Mentoring

Whether you are looking to add to your income or a be a full time entrepreneur, then on line business is a must. More money has been made on the internet in the past 10 years than by any other method.

For most people it is new and it is scary, you can spend loads of money and get nowhere, so we give FREE training on Affiliates, Blogs, Squidoos, Twitter,Face Book,You Tube and whether you have a business or not already, or if you have a website that is not attracting traffic, or you are attracting traffic but the conversion rates are low, then you can be making more money.

It is not A GET RICH QUICK offer, nor is it for people who do not want to learn or to work. But the bottom line is if you have a PC or laptop and time, YOU CAN BE EARNING.

Personal Mentoring

Self development is life...we all go through changes but it how we deal with them and how we treat ourselves that is so important.

Coming to a new environment does not leave old habits or beliefs in the UK, but very often it makes them worse.

Learning to be your own best asset especially if you are working here. Many people had a trade in the UK, but were not their own boss, then becoming business orientated requires a whole new lot of skills.

None more important than Communication, we offer Speech Craft a specialized 16hr course to build self confidence and speaking ability. Whether you are talking to a Bank Manager, a Client, presenting your business at a meeting, or talking in front of 35,000 people we help you to be a great communicator.

As well as, issues with Business, Marketing, Publicity, Sales, Promotions and Time Management

12 Week Weight Loss ONLY 40 Euros, Herbalife & Toning Tables

If you are over weight then you don´t feel good about yourself, whether you are in business or not, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself.

I have been there, losing 6 stone in weight and gaining 20 years as well as the personal confidence to do talks, TV, and be filmed.

Weight is a person battle ground that many of us have been tied to for many years. It does not have to be like that, food is not our enemy.

The choices we have made have got us to where we are today, if you are not happy there, then other choices need to be made.

I will be there to help you every step of the way, no crash diets or unrealistic expectations, just good, plain, solid nutritional and fitness advice.

I work with Herbalife but my personalized 1-2-1 weight loss programme is open to all, the use of the Herbalife products are optional. 12 week programme for 40 Euros no group meetings, and definite NO DIET

We have 7 toning tables each for 8 mins a time, stretching and toning in a simple way to help flexibility in anyone, at any age and ability. 3 Euros per hr session or 25 Euros for 10 sessions.
We have 2 static bikes, cross trainer and abs machine, these are all FREE

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