Not allowed a Cup of Coffee

We went out with friends last night to Quesada Country Club. We had a lovely BBQ meal - perfect. Nice wine, although we were not allowed our drinks in a glass - we had plastic ones - not quite the same as I'm sure you'll agree.

Ricky Powell was singing outside on the lovely terrace. A little while after our meal we decided we would like a coffee, so went to order this, and was told the machine had been turned off. We had this problem quite a few months ago but we thought as it's now summer with lots of people about - especially inside the venue watching the football on the big screens that this would not be a problem. WRONG - it was a problem. We were told that it was their Policy to turn off the coffee machine after they had served the last meal. WELL, how stupid is this? Most people do not wan't a coffee while they eat their meal. They like to finish off with either a sweet or a coffee. OR, am I and my friends the mad ones? I don't think so.

We cannot understand the mentality of the people who run the Quesada Country Club. After all, think of all the extra money they would take by people having a cup of coffee (if allowed)on top of their usual meal and drinks.

We were going to have our next *Girls night* out there, but will not be doing this now, as my ladies would expect to have their coffee after finishing their meal.

If anyone can suggest any nice Venues that have entertainment on and that are reasonably priced in the areas of La Marina, Quesada, Torrevieja, Gran Alacant I would appreciate hearing from you.

Going back to not being allowed our cup of coffee last night, we have never ever been to restaurant where they have said this. YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR POLICY QUESADA COUNTRY CLUB ......................


Oh a bit more to the evening that I forgot in the posting above. At about 11.10 pm the police arrived. The next thing Ricky is announcing that he will not be singing any more as there had been a complaint!

SO, complete silence - not even quiet background music and the next thing DARKNESS - the lights turned off on the outside patio area.

This now was only 11.15 pm on a Friday evening. Talk about trying to get rid of their customers - very rude we thought!

Commented Carol in La Marina 2012-09-08 10:07:05 UTC

ive haqd this problem before at the quesada country club re coffee, it really has been a long standing issue there.

The club is under new management, a fairly recent development so now might be a good time to raise the coffee issue with them.

In the meantime I have been invited to a girls night out on quesada where the owner of the restaurant buys all the ladies, roses on the night ! Might be a good choice for your ladies night, i think the place is called symphonica or something like that. Ill post on here with the full details.

Also the 3 amigos opposite the don carlos seems to be getting good reports, they have live entertainment, DJ, outdoor terrace etc.

good luck with it.


Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-08 11:07:30 UTC

I forgot to say, Antica above the supermarket at dona pepa is a lovely venue, excellent food, beautiful surroundings, excellent service and entertainment some nights. Book the outside roof terrace if possible.

Another great venue is the yellow rose of texas in benimar, fab food, great service, lovely coffee but no entertainement, you must book ahead. however benimar has lots of entertainment going on so you could pop into one the pubs/venues after your meal ?

Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-08 11:20:46 UTC

Thank you for your comments, but we did raise the coffee issue last night - myself and my friend Linda. In fact we did have a bit of a go at the lady.

Thank you also for suggesting a few other places. Do any of these have websites for more details. I will look forward to hearing how your night went at symphonica. Sounds good

Commented Carol in La Marina 2012-09-08 11:40:00 UTC

Well Carol
if you had a go at the lady and they still dont take on board your comments then they are beyond help. I did post on the site earlier this year about similar problems at the club and nothing has changed in terms of the coffee and also there is a clique mentality there which means some customers receive preferential treatment and as far as im concerned everybodys euro is welcomed and much needed so why not meet all your customers needs? The cooks there work very hard but other than that satff morale is very low and has been for some time now, having said that I like the place as its location is convenient to me and the views from the terrace are stunning particularly over a coffee hahahah ,so I really do hope they start adressing these problems ?
ill see if I can find any web adresses for you

Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-08 11:58:43 UTC

I just wonder if the "no glasses rule" is because there is a swimming pool outside? As regards the coffee I am also at a loss. Maybe a letter to the management would help - to find out their side of the argument. Meal wise, most people that I know seem to have had good meals there.

Commented spanglish in Quesada 2012-09-08 12:38:20 UTC

Hi Carol
In the 9 years I have been involved in Quesada I have not had good service at this place even though I have given them lots of chances

Commented Team ASL "A Spanish Life" in La Marina 2012-09-08 15:26:22 UTC

The place is called "Sinfonia" and yes the ladies do get a rose and attentive service from the owner. It is opposite the La Laguna Hotel, Lo Marabu.
I would avoid the food at 3 Omegos I was
served RAW chicken!

Commented ann-ward in Quesada 2012-09-08 16:51:43 UTC

Yes it was such a shame as I always love a cup of milky coffee after a lovely meal.

As Carol said we were thinking of having our next girls night there, she even found out who would be singing that night too.

I know the singer may of felt uncomfortable after the police visit, but some nice, quiet background music and lights on until midnight would of been nice, a definate hint they wanted rid of us.

Commented Linda Reed in La Marina 2012-09-08 17:35:02 UTC

Yes the plastic glasses are for safety issues and I personally have no problem with that at all in fact I do welcome such a sensible safety rule.

To be fair they do ask you when you order your drinks at the bar "where are you sitting" so they can ensure plastic drinkware if your on the pool terrace.

As for the food thats never in question, always good. The problem is this silly coffee policy and poor morale, and god forbid if the staff are ready to go home before you, they think nothing of turning out lights, removing your glasses and taking cushions of chairs.

Its beyond me how they dont get the bigger picture, its not just what you lose on the night in terms of revenue but the wider impact of such policies and procedures.

A reputation for poor customer service will always be remembered and reported.

Also I dare anyone to try and watch a non man utd football match on their big screen, its disgraceful how no matter what football game is on, the TV is turned over to suit a handful of regulars without any consultation with other customers. They do have an alternative though, "you can watch outside on the smaller screen" with the sound off .............. nuff said

I agree a letter to the management might be helpful however if they are having these things pointed out to them on a regular basis how come they are not responding?

At the end of the day it is about earning a living, but maybe they are so wealthy that they work a 12 hour day for fun?

The buck stops at the top and when low morale among staff is evident you can always expect as little as possible in terms of service



Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-08 18:15:27 UTC

Did you send the food back? How did they react to your complaint.? If I hear a complaint about poor food/badly cooked food etc - it is quite important to know how the customer care side kicks in.

However, to be honest, if the food was served up raw I would be very reluctant to go back if the same cook was there!!

The problem with recommending anywhere these days seems to be the rotation of chefs.

Commented spanglish in Quesada 2012-09-08 19:18:03 UTC

As I said in my original post - the food was lovely - no problems there at all and the young girl waitress was very friendly. It's their stupid no coffee Policy after last meal is served that I'm very strongly complaining about.

Commented Carol in La Marina 2012-09-08 20:53:51 UTC

No wonder bars are closing all over the place with this sort of attitude! Do they want business or not? I find their attitude really bad in that Country Club, I wouldn't bother going back either! The bars/restaurants who are making it in this recession are the ones who do that bit extra to get people in, then treat them properly when they are there! Outrageous, in a restaurant, not serving coffee!

Commented Pepper in Quesada 2012-09-09 11:53:45 UTC

Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but this was in response to the post on Three Amigos! Not sure how my comment ended up in that position!

Commented spanglish in Quesada 2012-09-09 16:51:02 UTC

Hi Spanglish
in response to your comment about the raw food at 3 amigos, I personally would NEVER send food back at least not for a replacement meal. Yes for a refund or not to pay for an uneaten meal but I shudder to think what people will do to the food before its sent back out to you eewwww !!!!

Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-09 19:55:35 UTC

Hi Pepper
I can understand your strength of feeling re not going back to the country club after receiving poor service however I am hopeful the new owners will take on board the comments on this site, im sure someone will let them know what is being discussed.

I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they do take things on board, they are after all new owners and maybe it will take a little time to get teething problems out of the way.

That said the coffee machine is a no brainer, as a coffee shop owner myself its a simple case of changing the time the coffee machine is cleaned and even once its been cleaned that doesnt mean it has to be switched off,thats a decision of the club its certainly not a pre requisite to the coffee machine working effectively

ive had many ocassion when a customer has asked for coffee while the machines are being cleaned and I have simply apologised for the slight delay while the cleaning is in progress and then happily served the coffee, without problems !

At the end of the day it might seem like a lot of fuss over a cup of coffee but it is an important part of socialising in spain and to add to that the country club sells good coffee so why have such limitations on a good earner in terms of bread and butter revenue.

I am hopeful it gets sorted, lets see what happens, oh and by the way I guess staff wont like it if the coffee hours are extended but it isnt up to the staff its up to the boss to make the changes

Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-09 20:17:29 UTC

I think that the owners of this club will take no notice of what is said on this site, they have not even taken the trouble to advertise on it, even though they have been asked to many times. Check out the listing for COUNTRY CLUB on services

Commented OverSeas Property Bureau in Quesada 2012-09-09 20:31:45 UTC

Okay I take your point but they are entitled to respond on this site so lets invite them once again to advertise on here or to at least inform readers that they have made changes to there current "coffee policy"

If they are not familiar with using the site I am happy to write response for them if they want to contact me.

To be honest I would like to see them do well, as a villa renter I send my guests to the country club and I also big up the club on my website.

Not all of my guests drive and so the club is a handy place for them to go with everything under one roof.

So cmon new owners make the changes and prove us all wrong !!!!!

Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-09 20:41:33 UTC

I have just had a look and see what you mean, looks like they do not care about anything, this site is the No1 in the area and if they do not care to advertise on here then I think it reflects on the fact they do not care or listen to their customers

Commented Tina in La Marina 2012-09-09 20:44:02 UTC

In fairness to these new owners who are obviously not very experienced, someone needs to hold their hand and show them what people are saying and what people think. After all this is a nice venue and at one time was very popular. Just a few rethinks could bring it back on form. Who ever has the courage to show them all this could end up being a little unpopular at first.

Commented Douglas in La Marina 2012-09-09 21:49:38 UTC

Well said Douglas
and as we know an unpopular boss is only unpopular becuase he/shes doing a good job.

As an employer you cant be all things to all people, by all means treat your staff fairly and with respect but in my experience existing staff that come with a business tend to feel they should have more of a say in things and while it is good to have staff sharing information and knowledge with the new owners thats only part of it, lets face it staff will only share information that allows them to remain in their comfort zone.

More importantly rathert than just criticise the country club (its too easy just to do that)it is more helpful to make suggestions for improvement and while the management cant be expected to wave a magic wand over night I am sure they would appreciate some constructive advice so, why not post your suggestions ( sensible, positive and not offensive) on this site and lets see if we cant help rather than hinder the country club after all as Douglas pointed out the club is long established and has given us "some" vey good times on Quesada

Here are my respectful suggestions to begin with;

Brand Image; you dont know whos who at the club, staff she be uniformed even if its a shirt with clubs logo. (doesnt cost a lot)

Name Badges: even with just a first name for identifiaction purposes, the clubs a big place and its good to know who youre dealing with for better or worse.

Dress code; prohibit completley bare arms among staff. Health and hygene calls for us not to have exposed armpits thrust at us when being served. A short sleeved cotton top is cool enough and effective in hot temperatures.

Appropriate clothes for waiting staff, skimpy shorts are all well and good at the right time and place but again not while being served a meal in the restaurant, its inapproriate.

And of course the coffee policy is number one on the list for many people.

Management; should be easy to identify either by their dress code or name badges

I hope my suggestions are received with the good grace in which they are intended.
I usually charge a fee for full consultations but as a fan of the club I am happy to provide a freebie today, I only hope they "dont shoot the messenger"

I do wish the club the best of luck and hope they take on board peoples genuine concerns and recommendations in the fullness of time.

best regards


Commented we love it here in Quesada 2012-09-10 10:25:29 UTC