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Having lived and worked in Spain now for over 9 years we fully understand the Ex Pats need for affordable and reliable television which can now include a Sky Package. Working in this area for over 9 years we now have a wealth of knowledge that we can draw on, we are now also installing Telephone and Internet at very competitive prices. We will not be Beaton on PRICE

Our main specialization is installing satellite systems Telephone and Internet mainly for British clients on the South Costa Blanca Coast but we have also dealt with many Spanish French and German plus clients from the Nordic Regions. We are constantly improving our methods of work thus improving our knowledge in this exciting field where the technology is improving all the time.

We place the clients and their needs as the main priority of our activity. This and only this allows us to hold one of the leading positions in top rated service leading to and client’s trust and respect most of our work comes from word of mouth no better recommendation. Should you have a fault we aim to return as soon as possible the client is King.

Sky TV

We can advise you but it is you who will decide on the right package for you on the basis of:

Where you live what space you have available for a dish
The kind TV system you want
Whether you will be sharing with any of your neighbours
Your budget
The Choices are endless for English/German/French/Spanish/Norwegion/Swedish/Danish/Polish/Russian
Examples of available systems and prices are further down this page.

Size Definitely Does Matter Especially on the latest Astra Satellite, the larger the dish gives YOU the best reception possible always

The bigger the dish size, the better the signal reception you receive that will give you more stable pictures and sound throughout the day including during poor weather conditions. The southern Costa Blanca is a bit of a black hole for signal strength from the main Astra Satellite broadcasting UK and SKY TV and radio the UK broadcasters and SKY TV do not want us to receive it.

Now with our new High Gain 1.37 Dishes plus extra Powerful LNBs we now can get you an acceptable TV System for a very good PRICE Starting at only 295€ with certain limitations, Below is FOOTPRINT that tells you what size’s of dishes are the optimum size for best reception of SKY TV we all know that is not practicable to have hundreds and hundreds of the large 2.4 Dishes installed on all our roofs etc, over the last four years the dishes have got better so we can go smaller but SIZE DOES MATTER!!!! 1.4 for only 295€

The numbers on the picture indicate in metres the size of dish needed for almost none stop reception of most UK television signals here on the South Costa Blanca having been here for 10 years and fitting hundreds of Dishes I know we can get a Sky TV Signal on a 1 metre Installation, a 1.1 will get you a better Sky TV signal yes, a 1.4 will get a better signal from SKY TV etc yes a 1.8 will get a better Sky TV signal. In the black hole that is the Vega Baja a 2.4 metre dish will usually give a full 24/7 service for all Sky TV UK channels Used on many Community installations for SKY TV. British TV viewers in Spain are the only ones that need such big dishes. Other Western European’s can view their home country’s TV on 1 metre dishes some can receive SKY TV on a 80cm dish.

As you can see the Map shows you need much bigger dishes to get SKY TV but with our experience and attention to detail we have proved this to be wrong, as we can get a signal on a 1 metre set up with the new dishes we use for SKY TV. We can still get you Film 4

Channel 4 Channel4+1 E4 More 4 ITV 1234 BBC 1+2+3+4 plus 200 other channels ALL AVAILABLE ON A 1.4 Dish will also get you Channel 5 5 Usa 5* 1.8 METRE the bigger the dish the stronger the signal you will receive on your SKY TV. It is a compromise between size and cost please talk it through with us to get a more stable system is worth it if you live here permanently, if it’s a holiday home then you can make a different decision.

The Service you want
FREE TV is exactly what it says – and it is legal to receive and view ENGLISH TV here in Spain although the UK SKY TV broadcasters do not want us to have it. There are NO subscriptions or NO monthly fees to pay if you have free to air you only pay for SKY TV. There is no dishonesty about our system it is direct to ASTRA SATELLITE it is not a REBROADCAST System

REBROADCAST has its place because of the use of a very small dish if done properly with the right back up system and good quality receivers in HD etc not some of the poor quality that is available and we have all dealt with in the past we can now supply over 50 channels some in High Definition a far better quality than you have had from any previous supplier.
BBC One HD Channel 4HD Channel 5HD ITV HD Discovery HD SCFI HD 5USA Dave Blighty Bio Sky Living Sky Atlantic Sky Alibi National Geographic UK Gold ITV 2 ITV3

Live Sport with highlights on the UK’s terrestrial channels broadcast by FREE To Air TV. What you will get is all your regular favorites’ – Corrie, Eastenders and Emmerdale: X-Factor, Millionaire and Casualty: Top Gear, Fifth Gear and the Gadget Show, as well as the UEFA Champions League, F1 Gand Prix, FA Cup, Wimbledon Champions League, Open Golf, Olympics and many other top events throughout the year.

Should you share the installation costs with a neighbour this could be a very good option where apartment blocks, bungalows, townhouses, and semis are prime candidates for the sharing of one of our 1.4 offset or a Prime Focus 1.9m or 2.4m dishes. 2 3 4 5 6 7 or 8 people off 1 dish can be achieved please ring and ask for details.

These are some of our fantastic package prices. Please ask about our other services and special installations.

If you already have a dish and internet capability then why not upgrade to our fabulous SKY PACKAGES from aafreeenglishtv a new HD Receiver ready programmed and ready to go for 150€ then from only 15€ a month for Sky Sports Movies Atlantic Living Bio Discovery Espn you can also have Sky Germany Canal Plus French Tv TDT. For only 250€ you can buy the latest TWIN TUNER HD receiver where you can WATCH ONE PROGRAMME AND RECORD ANOTHER

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